CSS Animation Weekly #27 - WebSockets and graceful timing

A huge week to finish up January, 2017. This week we're learning the magic of WebSockets with CSS ani
CSS Animation Weekly #27 - WebSockets and graceful timing
By CSS Animation Weekly • Issue #27
A huge week to finish up January, 2017. This week we’re learning the magic of WebSockets with CSS animation, controlling our animations play states, surveying the wide world of web animation and as ever, loads of inspiration.
Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

Making Magic with WebSockets and CSS
WebSockets and CSS are sufficiently advanced technologies that can seem like magic. In this article learn how to combine animation with real-time web communication to great effect.
Ensuring CSS Animations Run and Stop Gracefully
A clever approach to having our animations stop more gracefully - letting them play out and be timed properly with loading content.
A wonderful introduction to the world of CSS animation by Rachel Cope. 
Web Animation — A comprehensive overview
Got the basics of CSS animation covered? Eve Weinberg takes us on a deep dive of web animation technologies.
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Very cute animation showing how the balance of chemicals in our brains results in different emotions 😂 😔 🙄
codepen.io  •  Share
There are so many Canvas effects around but this one is “particularly” nice, with the 3D effect 🌈
codepen.io  •  Share
A nice loading effect with overlapping circles 🌀
codepen.io  •  Share
These two young alpacas are in love. Can you help them make a connection? 
codepen.io  •  Share
Really neat hover effect where the icons expand to become the content.
codepen.io  •  Share
Lovely storytelling here using CSS animated art. Great work from D.B. Johnson.
codepen.io  •  Share
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