Issue #337: Animate on scroll, hacker effects and view transitions

A week full of video tutorials and some great inspiration

This week we’re all about the video tutorials! Learn how to animate on scroll, how to create a cool animated text effect, and delve into the exciting new world of browser-based page transitions!

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(Easy) Animate on Scroll

As this excellent video points out, you have to animate on scroll to stand out in 2023. Learn some simple but effective ways to bring your website to life in this video tutorial.

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The Ultimate Hacker Effect

Learn how to create a cool letter-cycling animation in this fun and easy 2 minute video.

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View Transitions are coming to the Web!

View Transitions are coming to the Web! Learn the what, what and how of the fancy new view transitions API that will make moving between web pages smoother and more animated.

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Voronoi Triangles Paradox

Watch as these beautiful triangles are generated top create a unique picture every time.

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CSS Pendulum Waves

Clever use of HTML variables and some maths creates this stunning CSS-only effect.

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Hall of Fame

A great collection of Pens from Steve Gardner highlighting some amazing work over the years!

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