Issue #338: Kinetic SVGs and create your own Mario game

Lots of cool stuff this week!

This week is a big one, with some amazing SVG animations, coding a game, some great video tutorials and more.

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Cool Stuff

Bringing Letters to Life: Coding a Kinetic SVG Typography Animation

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to recreate a captivating motion type effect using SVG and GreenSock.

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Code Mario in JavaScript with Kaboom.js

With the new Mario movie coming soon, it's a good time to learn how to build a Mario in JavaScript and getting to know Kaboom.js!

Let's a go!

Learn CSS Animations In 20 Minutes

A nice introduction to CSS animation in video form, complete with reference files to download.

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Accessible hamburger buttons without JavaScript

Learn how to create an accessible hamburger button with pure HTML and CSS and why that is important.

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Colorful Dissolving Loader (CSS only)

A beautifully elegant loader that seems too dynamic to be just CSS!

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Realtime scratching DJ turntable

This real-time turntable makes a realistic-sounding dynamic scratching effect.

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