Issue #339

Animate with audio, video scrolling tools and nifty new CSS tricks!

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Cool Stuff

Audio Reactive Shaders with Three.js and Shader Park

Learn how to craft audio reactive shaders with Three.js and Shaderpark.

Get shading!


Responsive scrollable videos without obscure video encoding requirements. Compatible with React, Svelte, Vue, and plain HTML.

Let's roll

3 New & Nifty CSS Things (including animated CSS grid!)

Wes gives some great insight into how we can animate CSS grid layouts in this video! Find the source code here.

Discover it here


Animated 3D Card

A 3D card showing CSS custom properties and some fun mouse-position animation

Check it out

Infinite World

A real-looking 3D world with changing skyline and grass that drifts in the wind!

See the world

CSS Mechanical Keyboard

Press numbers to see (and hear) the keyboard in this cool 3D CSS project.

Type right now!


Have a look at some great roles in web engineering at Toast!

Systems Engineer

Bengaluru, India

Find loads more roles in Dublin, Boston, Toronto, Bangalore and even fully remote!

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