CSS Animation Weekly #260

Hey there! This week we're building dynamic animated page headers, exploring complex animations using custom properties, and checking out my new project, GetStartedWith.dev!

♥️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks


A useful step-by-step guide to creating a fixed, animated header that responds to what is on the screen using intersection observer

Use the @property feature to build complex animations using CSS


Hello! Donovan here. If you're interested in modern web development, you should check out Get Started With.

In my first post we learn how to build a GraphQL API using JavaScript, and try out lots of queries. Check it out.

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A 3D recreation of the Tokyo 2020 wreath

It's cool to see parallax achieved in CSS

A pretty cool 3D Christmas-themed interactive background

Trippy effect with these animated inline SVG backgrounds

A nice simple pulse effect for inspiration