CSS Animation Weekly #261

A big week for animation! This week we're learning practical scroll-linked animations, taking them further with vertex transitions, and rounding it out with an amazing CSS-only clock.

♥️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks


The Scroll-Linked Animations specification is an upcoming and experimental addition to CSS. Thanks to the @scroll-timeline at-rule and animation-timeline

A handy setup to create a smooth scroll based GLSL animation using Three.js and GSAP that you can use to create your own WebGL shader animations.

Let’s build a fully functioning and settable “analog” clock with CSS custom properties and the calc() function. Then we’ll convert it into a “digital”


Learn how to build a simple GraphQL API. This free, full tutorial will take from zero to "I got this"


Amazing example of in-browser ray-tracing

It's a small detail but I really like the animated SVG check marks on this demo

A configurable animation that creates a burning effect like that seen in Loki