CSS Animation Weekly #280

A huge week for CSS animation! Explore how to make your site stand out, and some handy UI toggle tools. Plus, a massive set of inspiring Christmas-themed animations! 🎄

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

Lots of great animation-based tips to make your website stand out

A useful little animated toggle tool for expanding blocks, accordions, tabs and more


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The amazing Chris Gannon showing off some Christmas-inspired morph loveliness

Nice example of a relaxing snowfall

For now, the big chap sleeps. For soon he will ride!

Some pure CSS snowglobe animation

Tap the box to wrap up a little selector

Do open the box!

Getting in the spirit of the season with some animated tree lighting 🎄

Not animated, but I felt it worth sharing this pure CSS snow globe as it is so cute

Animation in the real world

Compose your own version of the music and explore the visuals