CSS Animation Weekly #282 - 2022!

Happy 2022 everyone! Here's to a much-improved year, but still filled with experimentation, learning and inspiration!

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

A very seasonal (video) coding tutorial. Recreate the animation seen on the website of ONE-OFF in Three.js using the K-d tree algorithm.

A fascinating explanation for how to make a highly optimised yet gorgeous WebGL globe

Take a look back at some amazing content from Codrops, including lots of inspiring animations


Gorgeous visuals to see in the new year

Rotations, SVG line animations and blur effects bring this classic styled card to life

Subtle window animations and a stretchy cat

Some head bouncing tunes

Some cool ideas here for how to animate input elements using CSS

A nice blur effect to demonstrate how having a HUD in glasses might look

Lots of transitions in this demo

Thank you, from Donovan

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Here's to a decent 2022! 🥛