CSS Animation Weekly #299

This week we're - wait, what day is it? My apologies, this newsletter is a few days late! Enjoy an extra jam-packed newsletter with tutorials on creating 3D cars, typing effects, lines to layout animations and more.

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

A great Youtube tutorial on using React Fibre to create a realistic 3D car scene with post-processing effects

A hook that backspaces and types out an array of words. Handy for product landing pages!

Selecting an image expands nicely to set up the content page in this demo from Codrops

One to bookmark for future 3D web projects!

Free loaders & spinners for your next project. Built with HTML, CSS and a soupçon of SVG!


I like the use of blur as these letters appear and disappear

Retro-style animation using just CSS

A standing ovation for this link hover effect

Not strictly animation but a cool effect to check out using blend modes to create a flashlight-style cursor