CSS Animation Weekly #313

This week we dive into React Three Fiber shaders, CSS border animations, a simple but impressive glowing effect, and lots more!

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

Cool stuff

A complete guide on how to use shaders with React Three Fiber, work with uniforms and varyings, and build dynamic, interactive and composable materials with them through 8 unique 3D scenes

In this article we will use CSS to create a variety of wonderful border effects. Tagged with css, javascript, html, web.

A simple yet inspiring little 2-minute tutorial video on making a glowing loading bar using CSS

Learn how you can use the individual translate, rotate, and scale CSS properties to approach transforms in an intuitive way

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Coffee Mug in CSS created using CSS animation

What better to go with coffee but CSS cake! Check out the flavour options

This takes the pure CSS art concept to a new level. Amazing animation

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