CSS Animation Weekly #322 - Scrolling and morphing

It's a scroll-themed special issue! Plus, some fun inspiration to get you moving!

Cool stuff

What do you think of scroll-triggered animations? Personally I'm mixed, and I've written tutorials on creating them! Sure, love them or hate them, this is a good round up of some inspiring approaches

An animated approach so showing multiple items that animate to a grid on scroll

A Twitter thread exploring how a cool homepage scroll effect was created using locomotive-scroll and Lenis

One to bookmark! Smoothly interpolate between variations of SVG paths.

And now a word from...


A fun little catapult of UI - give it a go!

A sci-fi style animated laser shield, made using ThreeJS

A neat idea that uses animatepath randomized to where it looks random-ish. Maybe not great for performance though!

"Chaotic, Daring But Above All, Incisive" is a wonderful summary for this bold, beautifully animated portfolio

That's it for this week!