CSS Animation Weekly #327

Fancy outlines, magical particles, and learning how to make complex animations! Have a great week!

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

Cool stuff

Learn how to create complex animated outlines!

An interactive introduction to Particles with React Three Fiber and Shaders. Learn about attributes, buffer geometries, and more

A wonderful guide from Yosra Emad, creating a rollercoaster path that a ball follows using cubic beziers and CSS transitions as well as how to stack multiple simple animations


A cute hand-drawn style stop-motion animation on scroll

A simple CSS keyframe animation makes this infinite looping scroll effect work

A neat animation between two dates! To animate your own dates, edit the 'from' and 'to' dates at line 144 of the JS pane.

A delightfully glitchy cyberpunk-inspired gallery