CSS Animation Weekly #334

Happy new year to you all! Thank you for continuing to support me at CSSAnimation.rocks - here's to a wonderful 2023! 🎉

❤️ Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks

Cool stuff

A wonderfully animated look back over the year's resources from Codrops!

Learn all about CSS scroll snap in this article from 12 days of web

[Video] A cool little waving water text effect created in CSS using clip-path!

And now a word from...

Want to work in a diverse, progressive company revolutionising the restaurant industry? Join me!

With flexible and remote working options, great offices (should you want to use them), great pay and benefits, there's a lot to recommend in Toast.

Have a look at the jobs site, and if you like you can reach out to me directly with any questions or to have me pass along your CV.


Drag your mouse through this virtual Koi pond to create some beautiful ripples and a reflected night sky

An "Eco-friendly activities contest" set up like a football tournament - loads of cool animation too

That's it for this week! I'm still using Revue for the moment, but continuing to try to migrate to another service. So stay tuned. Hopefully I'll have things moved in the next week or two!