CSS Animation Weekly - Issue #19 - Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration

This week we're all about the inspiration! Get your creative ideas flowing for the holiday season with this hand-curated selection of the finest CSS and web animations.


Donovan at CSSAnimation.rocks


Loads of fun and quirky examples of animation to get you inspired.


This week we talked about web animation with Val Head for an hour omg Twitter. See the highlights on this Storify thread.


A very cute fox created using only HTML and CSS

Based on a Dribbble, this demo uses checked inputs to set the scene as sunset or sunrise.

Crazy cool example of CSS box-shadow - play with the code to see how it works.

Gorgeous visual effect in this bokeh generator. Would make a great hero background.

A pencil that draws itself! Slick animation.

Move the lens to see a nifty visual effect.

I love it when HTML elements are used to create subtle visual effects.

Some CSS animated loaders for inspiration.

Animation in the real world

In-depth analysis of movie opening credits - this site is surprisingly educational and inspirational if you're looking for animation ideas.